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Kitty Resurrection

The mighty clan of a powerful warlord was haunted for generations by a strange and weird cat demon. But this dark Bakeneko is unlike those good luck totem we seen anywhere. The family has a dark curse that somehow affects only the girls in the family. It seems that none of them ever live past the age of 5, always brutally slaughtered by this strange cat demon in the most gruesome way possible.

The haunting started not long after the powerful clan broke off a political marriage between their rival clans by killing the Princess bride. It was rumored that the Princess is the Bakneko that is haunting and cursing the family. That would explain the hatred for the girls of the family, for none of them are allowed to live long enough to be married. Strangely the Cat demon allowed the other girls who were married into the clan so that the clan is not directly doomed. Maybe it just wanted to make sure their curse last forever.

Life, or rather Death, was not easy for Kitty. She had exchange her life for a curse to the family in her last dying breathe in the well. As expected nobody found them. The Princess Kaguya was just assumed to be missed or killed by the Princes's family and a war broke out. Kitty did not care about the war. Kitty was seen at the battlefield though, starring sadly at some of the samurai she did know from hime's family. But Kitty was only interested in her revenge. It would had been what her mistress wanted.

When Kitty's tail was sliced off, it had unlocked her sealed magic. All cats has magic. Kitty lived her next 9 years just watching. And she only managed to trip the young princess downstairs to start her chains of revenge. When she got her second tail at 18, she grew in power. She could move objects and it really facilitates her vengeance fully. But it was only until the 3rd 9 years that Kitty decided she wanted to trade her magic for a human form.

Kitty returned to the place of her death and with her magic now, she finally release the rotting corpse of her mistress from the tree. In her honor, Kitty took her form and appearance. From then on, Kitty could appeared as a ghastly apparition to the helpless human and she begin her blood trail of vengeance of the family with full fury.

Most of the girls did not live past 5. All but one. She is a cute little girl and just looked like hime, when she was young. Kitty came to her in her dreams and often played and cuddled with her. In time, Kitty find herself so lonely and need of a friend. It never occured to her to kill her, but eventually she realized she is breaking her rules for her. However, when the little girl grew to her 4th, her father loved her so much that he decided he would rather have her sent to the monastery to become a Miko priestess than to lose her. In that way, she would lose her family name and thus no subjected to the curse. On that fateful day, Kitty sent her off. In a way, Kitty also sent a part of herself off. But little did Kitty know, it was her little act of kindness then that finally delivered her bond from her bloodlust. But that came many years later...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.