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Kitty the Nine-Tail Bakeneko Part 1

Kitty will be undergoing some major change in her avi and appearance to fit into the roleplay story in the previous posts. However, I think some people will definitely miss the old Kitty with her tall tail and ears, so I thought I should take some photos of the old Kitty for memento.

With the Kimono and umbrella from Milky House, I went to a sim recommended by my friend and I found this bridge which I think just give the forlorn feeling especially when Kitty looks like she is waiting for someone.

Here is a close up of Kitty. I think she is really pretty in the moonlight on the sim Sengoku. This is what makes spending the $L worth it maybe. I also must comment that despite so many other Kimono I had seen around, none will take the #1 place in my heart which is Milky House. Well, the price is on the high side as well too.

As Kitty is learning the way of man (woman), the tea ceremony and Japanese culture is something she will have to immerse in entirely. Kitty may not yet be a skilled Geisha, but she know her manners when it comes to behaving in a temple.

Kitty will never feel more at home in a graveyard. Afterall, she is a cat demon. Kitty found these icy graves and she paid her respect just like anyone else would.

Kitty, unlike most other cat, kinda love water. Well at least not being in the water. For example, this beautiful pond on Sadistic Hacker. It was a place Elotte had came with friends in the past. Now its just Kitty and yes, finally a place to use her umbrella.

Did you notice something about Kitty's ears? Yes, this is the changed Kitty now. And it even twitches on its own. You should see her nine tails!

The pond is truly beautiful and in fact, Kitty's hair came from Sadistic Hacker (actually so does Elotte's. It came in a pair). Its really nice she could finally cover this great place. And this is where Kissy got her ducky too!

A shot at artistic photography behind the hedges. I really wish I could cover more of this shop in the future. 

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