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A Small Hunt With 5 Shops

Don't get this hunt wrong because it doesn't has a fancy name and a fancy sign with it. Its just simple. A signboard that tell you there is 5 shops and many (in fact 50) gifts is more than enough to say what is the hunt about.

To be honest, this hunt is easy and not aimed to be extreme difficult. I think the shops wants you to have the gifts! And the shops has really some nice stuff too at a reasonable price. I think its only fair to take a look too while you are hunting. Its only 5 shops anyway, not 500!

Here are the number of gifts from each shops

  • R&Z CreaTionS - 15 gifts
  • *** VIPs Corner *** Skins & Clothes Store - 20 gifts
  • Cats pet by Razziiii: - 5 gits
  • Razziii creations - 5 gifts
  • AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS - 5 gifts

The last 2 shops are side by side each other on the same sim.

There are some pretty nice MESH mini dresses from R&Z CreaTionS:

And more from Cats Pet:

And quite some from *** VIPs Corner *** Skins & Clothes Store as well:

There are some complete avatars as well, but I guess you can see it from the prize page below and I don't think Kitty looks too good in it anyway.

See some of the gifts:!small-hunt/c1w5p

Start your hunt here:

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