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Kitty the Nine-Tailed Bakeneko Part 2

After the series of pictures before, lets see more of the pictures taken with the new Kitty avatar. 

I know its unbelievable, but Kitty is popular with the wild animals like rabbit and weasels.

Kitty with her new hair and outfit standing on the same bridge. Is she still waiting for the same someone?

Kitty poses in front of the dojo in Sengoku. I hope she is not in the mood for fighting. Blood doesn't look good on snow.

Kitty saw this lantern floats right at the water and she thought she should put one up too. Guess which one is it?

Kitty return to Kyoto and took a quick picture on the roof of a shop. I hope nobody saw her because it may cause a big commotion.

By the boat in Kyoto, Kitty took a ride around the ride enjoying the scenary of the quiet Kyoto when the festival is over. "Soon it will be spring again..." She thought.

Kitty the Nine-Tail Bakeneko Part 1

Kitty will be undergoing some major change in her avi and appearance to fit into the roleplay story in the previous posts. However, I think some people will definitely miss the old Kitty with her tall tail and ears, so I thought I should take some photos of the old Kitty for memento.

With the Kimono and umbrella from Milky House, I went to a sim recommended by my friend and I found this bridge which I think just give the forlorn feeling especially when Kitty looks like she is waiting for someone.

Here is a close up of Kitty. I think she is really pretty in the moonlight on the sim Sengoku. This is what makes spending the $L worth it maybe. I also must comment that despite so many other Kimono I had seen around, none will take the #1 place in my heart which is Milky House. Well, the price is on the high side as well too.

As Kitty is learning the way of man (woman), the tea ceremony and Japanese culture is something she will have to immerse in entirely. Kitty may not yet be a skilled Geisha, but she know her manners when it comes to behaving in a temple.

Kitty will never feel more at home in a graveyard. Afterall, she is a cat demon. Kitty found these icy graves and she paid her respect just like anyone else would.

Kitty, unlike most other cat, kinda love water. Well at least not being in the water. For example, this beautiful pond on Sadistic Hacker. It was a place Elotte had came with friends in the past. Now its just Kitty and yes, finally a place to use her umbrella.

Did you notice something about Kitty's ears? Yes, this is the changed Kitty now. And it even twitches on its own. You should see her nine tails!

The pond is truly beautiful and in fact, Kitty's hair came from Sadistic Hacker (actually so does Elotte's. It came in a pair). Its really nice she could finally cover this great place. And this is where Kissy got her ducky too!

A shot at artistic photography behind the hedges. I really wish I could cover more of this shop in the future. 


Winter Wonderland Hunt

Completed this sometimes back, but I was not well enough to blog it then... :(

The Hints and prizes photos:

Petit Chat's Biscuit

I won this piece of dress call Biscuit from Petit Chat recently and I know I needed to try it out as soon as I recovered from my illness. So here I am, testing it on outside a nice theater by the sea with the breeze in my hair and ear.

Other than the boots which is from another hunt, Biscuit comes with the rest of the clothes, including a tight pants, a cute blue top and dress. It is something rather unique from the normal black dress all over and quite suitable for Kitty in the strong sea breeze here. Coincidentally, the theater is on a sim call Cookie. 

A Small Hunt With 5 Shops

Don't get this hunt wrong because it doesn't has a fancy name and a fancy sign with it. Its just simple. A signboard that tell you there is 5 shops and many (in fact 50) gifts is more than enough to say what is the hunt about.

To be honest, this hunt is easy and not aimed to be extreme difficult. I think the shops wants you to have the gifts! And the shops has really some nice stuff too at a reasonable price. I think its only fair to take a look too while you are hunting. Its only 5 shops anyway, not 500!

Here are the number of gifts from each shops

  • R&Z CreaTionS - 15 gifts
  • *** VIPs Corner *** Skins & Clothes Store - 20 gifts
  • Cats pet by Razziiii: - 5 gits
  • Razziii creations - 5 gifts
  • AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS - 5 gifts

The last 2 shops are side by side each other on the same sim.

There are some pretty nice MESH mini dresses from R&Z CreaTionS:

And more from Cats Pet:

And quite some from *** VIPs Corner *** Skins & Clothes Store as well:

There are some complete avatars as well, but I guess you can see it from the prize page below and I don't think Kitty looks too good in it anyway.

See some of the gifts:!small-hunt/c1w5p

Start your hunt here:


Creative Angels Hunts - Fur & Fluff

I finished this hunt which surprisingly was not widely publicized on Hunts SL or anywhere. Its over though and somehow I thought I even missed it! I think it must be those times when I was so busy I totally forgotten to blog about it.

They had done a real good job showcasing the gifts and in fact, some of them I will consider adding to my permanent outfit especially for Kitty. I wish I had time to try out and display soon, but I got 2 more hunts on Mardi Gras to complete before end of the month and I don't even know if I can find the time given that the weather is turning cold in RL and I had taken ill... :(

But in any case, I would recommend any new hunts from Creative Angels Hunt. Really enjoyed it!

See the hunt items at:


Kitty Resurrection

The mighty clan of a powerful warlord was haunted for generations by a strange and weird cat demon. But this dark Bakeneko is unlike those good luck totem we seen anywhere. The family has a dark curse that somehow affects only the girls in the family. It seems that none of them ever live past the age of 5, always brutally slaughtered by this strange cat demon in the most gruesome way possible.

The haunting started not long after the powerful clan broke off a political marriage between their rival clans by killing the Princess bride. It was rumored that the Princess is the Bakneko that is haunting and cursing the family. That would explain the hatred for the girls of the family, for none of them are allowed to live long enough to be married. Strangely the Cat demon allowed the other girls who were married into the clan so that the clan is not directly doomed. Maybe it just wanted to make sure their curse last forever.

Life, or rather Death, was not easy for Kitty. She had exchange her life for a curse to the family in her last dying breathe in the well. As expected nobody found them. The Princess Kaguya was just assumed to be missed or killed by the Princes's family and a war broke out. Kitty did not care about the war. Kitty was seen at the battlefield though, starring sadly at some of the samurai she did know from hime's family. But Kitty was only interested in her revenge. It would had been what her mistress wanted.

When Kitty's tail was sliced off, it had unlocked her sealed magic. All cats has magic. Kitty lived her next 9 years just watching. And she only managed to trip the young princess downstairs to start her chains of revenge. When she got her second tail at 18, she grew in power. She could move objects and it really facilitates her vengeance fully. But it was only until the 3rd 9 years that Kitty decided she wanted to trade her magic for a human form.

Kitty returned to the place of her death and with her magic now, she finally release the rotting corpse of her mistress from the tree. In her honor, Kitty took her form and appearance. From then on, Kitty could appeared as a ghastly apparition to the helpless human and she begin her blood trail of vengeance of the family with full fury.

Most of the girls did not live past 5. All but one. She is a cute little girl and just looked like hime, when she was young. Kitty came to her in her dreams and often played and cuddled with her. In time, Kitty find herself so lonely and need of a friend. It never occured to her to kill her, but eventually she realized she is breaking her rules for her. However, when the little girl grew to her 4th, her father loved her so much that he decided he would rather have her sent to the monastery to become a Miko priestess than to lose her. In that way, she would lose her family name and thus no subjected to the curse. On that fateful day, Kitty sent her off. In a way, Kitty also sent a part of herself off. But little did Kitty know, it was her little act of kindness then that finally delivered her bond from her bloodlust. But that came many years later...


Kitty's Rebirth

Kitty was not born the way she is. Well, what is she actually. Kitty is a nine tailed cat demon from a far away land of the rising sun. Like other cats, Kitty was born a healthy kitten in a family of warlord in the ancient land. She has immediately loved and taken into care by the young hime and it is with her that Kitty spend her mortal life with.

Princess Kaguya was her owner. From being a child until the day she was designated to be married to another warrior clan family. It was a political marriage, but Princess Kaguya did love the young warrior prince of the other clan. Their marriage would strengthen the families ties. Kitty was promised to go along with her beloved Princess, but on the fateful day of the marriage, it was also Kitty's ninth birthday.

On the long journey to her new home, the Princess were ambushed by mysterious warriors from a clan of a different fraction. The followers were all slaughtered in cold blood and as they attacked her Princess, Kitty put up a fight and bite hard into their leader's hand as he tried to grab the Princess. Alas it was in vain. They eventually caught the Princess and the leader grab Kitty by her tail swinging her up in the air.

"Die, you filthy little beast!" He slides his Katana at Kitty, but she manage to break free just in time, but the end of her tail were mercilessly slided off. As she bleeds hard, she managed to grab her foot hold on the edge of a old abandon well nearby. The samurai ignored her and begin to tied a while silk over the Princess's soft neck as she scream and struggle. 

"Make sure it looks like she hang herself and get rid of all the bodies!" As they mounted on their horses, leaving the poor Princess swinging from a tree, as she held tight to the silk around her neck, choking. The leader took a last look at her, then gave Kitty a hard sudden kick, sending her falling back into the deep well below.

Kitty struggled hard, her claw tears furiously against the wall of the well as her body begins to sink in the filthy water trapped there for ages. She meow with all her strength calling to the Princess, as she shadows swing harder and harder against the top of the well. Kitty's claws almost tears right out from her paw as she grab onto a tiny crack on the wall, holding her body above water , but her tails slowly bled into the water.

Kitty would had screamed if she could, as she witness her beloved Princess slowly stop swinging by the shadows casted onto the well. She felt her sorrow, but more of her hatred of the untimely death she was deal with. Kitty could even visualize her Princess slowly loosening her hands on the silk as she drew her last breath. Very soon, its just her and the cold wind, blowing onto her owner's lifeless body.

Kitty cried loudly. It was only moments ago where she is happily accompanying her owner to their new home, but now everything is destroyed. Kitty lost all hope. Nobody will even find her beloved Princess soon, let alone rescue a drowning cat from an ancient well. She felt her owner's extreme anger and sorrow as her life slipped away. 

Kitty slowly closes her eyes as her vision begins to blurred with her tears and blood. She even imagine her hime's hand softly stroking her on her neck as she lies down onto her lap normally in the afternoon. Kitty remembered times when her Princess would bring her to pray as she reads from the scrolls and Kitty sat paying attention to her mistress. 

"I will avenge you Princess! Even if its damnation I would face.." Kitty said to herself, reciting the words she remembered from the scrolls as she slowly let go of her claw from the wall. It would only be a matter of time, but right now she has chosen to exchange her life, to fulfill Princess Kagoyu's revenge.

"Life is all but a blink of an eye, as the flower falls to the Earth of its final rest. In all ends, there is a new beginning and in all death, there is a new life..."

Kitty drew her last breath as her cold body begins to sink into the dark cold water below.


Madpea Room 326 Hunt

Madpea had always organize challenging and nice hunts. This is probably my second or third hunt with them and the theme is a horror haunted room in a hotel. This is the Room 326 Hunt! Be prepared to be spooked!

The hunt has an official webpagge showcasing the prizes and so I shall not have to repeat too much. Quite an amount of the gifts turns out to be creepy furnitures such as this haunted table where there are 4 dead poses and plenty of blood on the floor. Unfortunately again, I have prim limitation. :(

Putting the faced tattoos and outfit together, I gave Kitty a bloody mess on her tshirt and a certainly ghastly face paint which will make any guy turn their head. Its quite unfortunate that Halloween is over, but I guess this is still a great scare for anyone anything or a shooting of "Return of the SL Dead", whichever comes first.

There are some pretty nice clothes as well though such as this chinese looking red dress. The tight fitting and beautiful texture makes this a great dress anytime.

Among other things, there are gruesome tattoo as well as strange looking shirt such as this "Do not Disturb" tanks, but I seriously do not think anyone will take it seriously. Kitty also tried out a burned tongue, but apparently she did not like it as it damages her lipsticks. The tatoo on the neck as a "326" on it. Someone might actually think its a cell number or something if they did not know about the hunt.

Enough said, see the prizes and how to hunt on the official blog:


Toxic Shrooms Hunt

I came across this little hunt inside a store and I decided maybe I should give it a go at $1L each for all 20 prizes. I can tell you I can't stand how cute the mushrooms are.

The nice blueish eyes and the cool Headz headphones are prizes from this hunt. Well, don't ask me how Kitty uses this headphone.

From head to toe, the tops and boxers to the boots are prizes at $1L each.

For those who love Gothic, there are lips and eyes shadows for really looking dark and black to fix your Gothic preferences.

There is a skateboard, a broom and even a Ouija board, but the skates really looks cool for this outfit. And a nice waist band totally fit into this outfit. In fact I am going to save this outfit for other times.

One of the prizes is this cute little wing with a heart (in several colors) and Kitty simply love the black round wings on it.

There are 2 huggies for this hunt and one of them is this bunny. By the way, the coker is also a prize.

The other is a cute owl with a pair of ears to go with it.

I did mentioned a broom and here it is. Its great for the next Halloween.

And the best for the last is this cute bikini which comes in 5 colors. Kitty hasn't been to beach much, so I guess she deserve a day off enjoying the sun!

Start your hunt at:

Read more about the hunt from their blog:

Winter Solstice Hunt 2012

This is a short 12 stores hint, well actually 10 since 2 of them are broken to me when I checked them out. Unfortunately its quite Winter / Xmas based and by the time I got this, Xmas is over.

There is a common jeans and sweater with Xmas theme, but I seriously think Kitty should wear something inside unless she is showing off her belly button in the cold winter! :) The Zebra boots looks good for all occasion, but I won't be wearing that to a PETA event though.

There is also a set of cute blue Xmas dress. Too bad I got this so late, guess I will shelf it for next year.

This is probably one of the most generic prize for this hunt. Its a black evening gown which I think is great for all occasions!

Hints and locations at:


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.