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Prayspeed: Bare Rose Mini Treasure Hunt

It's a Christmas story about how an Angel traveled in time in answer to a boy and a girl's prayer to save their world. There are a total of 4 chapters and a bonus Epilogue to this hunt. And the prize is none other than the Blue Star Angel itself in male, female, petite, titan etc. You name the size, they have it.

Well, don't envy, grab your Blue Angel outfit now at:

Final Destination Hunt

It has been a while since I was in a Gothic Hunt and this is a short and sweet one which has 8 stops each $1L.

This is one of the outfit in the prizes and like I always said, Red and Black can't go wrong.

A casual T-shirt with the theme of Jason's Back is the other outfit and its great for all the girls out chit chats.

There are other items such as tattoo and poses, but most importantly, there is also a furniture scene which is a complete graveyard on its own. Ooops. what do you mean by no sitting on the coffin?

For those who are more into cage and capture, there is a RLV cage as well. Victoria style. I am sure I can catch a few wolfies inside.

Start the hunt at:

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

It had been a fruit long year and I am sure many things had happened, be it good or bad, but those are all over. 

Although Kitty did not happen to be your Xmas Babe sending your present to you, but she certainly would love to, maybe in the coming years!

Looking back, have you been a good boy or girl? If you have not, try again next year! Kitty will definitely reward you!

Lastly, wishing you and you and everyone else a happy and joyful holidays and a great and better 2014! No, Kitty would not wish for World Peace, that's too bimbo even for her!

Xmas Gifts from Petit Chat

Once again, it's Xmas and Petit Chat had prepared gifts under the big Xmas tree behind the store (or in front, depending where you landed). Kittty was late to grab them, but do not worry, they are still under the tree and you can still get yours now!

The main focus of this Xmas is sexy wares with usually 2 pieces with alternative choices on where to wear it. This first one name Cheery is a nice comfortable red undershirt which you can go with your other Xmas outfit.

The second gift is call Chocolate and its a trendy outfit as well as a sexy one.

Purple fantasy may not be the most generic lingerie around, but it is definitely a good one for those adult theme sim when you can wear it. 

The next one is call Penguin and it is a nice green lacey undershirt set for warmer days.

Kawaii comes in magenta as well. Kitty certainly looks cute in this one.

How about a sexy Satin corset to show off your nice figures? It even comes in cute pink!

Cream is yet another corset, but a more tighter fit and definitely warmer.

I had missed out 1 prize on purpose because I want you to go find out for yourself. There is also a cute tattoo in one of the prizes as shown above.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your prizes from Petit Chat:


A Dark Eternity Christmas Carol

From DV8, Presence and Dark Designs, there is a mini hunt consists of 13 holidays prizes in small little chest. It is spread all over the sim and consist of enough items to make a few outfit as they contains boots, tops and bottoms in various designs. There are even a few accessories to brighten up this holiday season!

The first outfit pieced together consists of a set of Christmas theme high boots, with a mini skirt as well as a low cut sexy top to really cheer up this Christmas. However, it might get a bit cold though. Ah-Chooo!

Under the warm fire, here is another outfit with a fitting top and jeans good for any Xmas visiting this year!

The third outfit Kitty put together is a sexy top with exposed under boobs, with a sexy mini skirt that matches the nice holiday moods. To top it off, there is also a small little pair of shoes to make the outfit complete.

The Jingle Dalek stands out on its own and Kitty has no idea what to do with it other than guarding her snowman with it. Nobody is touching her snowman this year!

Start your hunt here:


A gift from a friend

I hasn't log in for a long long time and when I finally did, I got a pleasant surprise from my friend Trinity. It was a beautiful piece of art which now fills my wall nicely in this cold winter.

With that, I wish you and everyone a great holiday ahead! And Big thanks to Trinity!

XmasHunt 2013 of ChezMoi Furniture

For those of you who have the prims to play around with furniture, do not miss this fantastic opportunity to get 10 pieces of furnitures for free in this hunt from ChezMoi!

As usual, Kitty does not have a decent place to showcase furnitures, so I would have to pass this time on the photo. But from what I heard, these are pretty good pieces of furnitures. So treat yourself to a good surprise!

Start your search for the green boxes with red bow tie on it:

{WHERE is the CHERRY?} Hunt

To celebrate the re-opening of their sim, Cubic Cherry Kreation is holding a hunt where there is 22 cute little squarish cherry to be found! The sim is a beautiful place and there are lots of shops and great stuff to be found and bought.

If you cannot afford a big Christmas tree right in your home, fear not, you can always enjoy the one here.

Seems like this cherry is guarded, I will have to cat walk there slowly...

Kitty get to mix around with her favorite friends here too, but do grab some warm clothes as it is snowy all around.

So let's take a look at some of the prizes from the 22 cherries.

How about a nice yellow dress with a pair of black boots with a cute cherry necklace for the Xmas party? All are prizes from this hunt!

Or if you happen to have a strange sense of humor for fashion like Kitty, try out a cute pinkish T-shirt with a long dress in red and yellow to really catch some attention (be it good or bad).

Or how about something green for the winter such as this Clover outfit? Feels like its for another holiday, don't you?

Nothing beats a cute teddy bear hair clip and a pair of cane earrings for the Xmas! And a sexy out with cute kitties all over will definitely make my day!

Start your hunt here:


ViVi Anniversary Event

ViVi is having an anniversary event where there is gachas and gifts. And this is nto even a hunt because all the gifts are right in front of you. So what are they giving away?

There is a nice stripes lingerie which double perfectly as a swimwear for Kitty at a sunny beach!

There is also a belted sweater dress for other more formal occasions.

There is another dress named Silver Bells obviously for the silver color. It comes with LT too.

How about a Polka Dot Pin-up outfit? This really brings out the girl-next-door from Kitty. 

Beside these, there is another couple outfit as well as a necklace, but those are for you to find out yourself!

Visit ViVi today at:

Check their blog post:


Kitty is Matoi Ryuko

Kitty is really in the mood for cosplay for the holidays and this time she had chosen none other than Ryuko from the popular anime series "Kill La Kill" which is still airing now. Here is some information about the anime if you are interested:

The search for the killer who possesses the other half of the scissor continues... 

Armed with the godrobe Senketsu, Kitty will stop at nothing for her revenge.

Face Kitty and taste the power of the godrobe. There will be no mercy.

Is the battle ever going to end? Well, I guess it's better than school!


Scam Alert

There had been recently many emails flooding my mailbox about cheap $L. The above illustrate one of them. The only difference is usually the random name account being used. I suppose they had a good reason to keep changing account in order to avoid spam filters and perhaps even ban from Linden Labs.

So, just how true are these $L? From experiences of friends and hearsay, I would say NEVER buy from anyone else other than Linden themselves. Why? Because it is just like changing money in the small dark alley when you are traveling oversea. Not only are you exposing yourself to danger of getting your account hacked, you are also at the risk of paying REAL money for FAKE or ILL-GOTTEN virtual money, which Linden will not hesitate to reverse and ban accounts involved.

Let's talk about getting your account hacked. It is a long shot, but you never know since pussycat seems to be my favorite password and when creating an account on the website, I might "accidentally" use the same password. Now, that is how my account could get hacked. Or they might even send you some information about passing the $L to you which required more than enough information to activate a reset of password, which they might be able to take over your avatar. Now, isn't that really scary?

And how can $L be fake when they actually DID transfer the money into your avatar's account? Well, it all depends on how they had gotten the money. Credit card fraud is a common way to do it. For one, some of these sites will tell you to spend ALL the money ASAP so that after purchase they cannot reverse the transaction so easily. But that won't stop them from banning your account either. Otherwise, they could easily recover the money be deducting it from your account and in the end, who loses? Yes, YOU.

In a way, it was really sad that Linden did not do more to help in these frauds and I see it happen days after days. Given the fact that these website still exist, I would dare to say that not everyone had learn their lessons. But trust me, it is better to hear from me then to lose your precious pocket money for this!


Pay safe and play safe, my friends.


Boo Bunny Hunt 2

The Evil Bunny is at it again! And this time you will get to catch him right in his secret forest at the end of the 90 shops hunt. There is only a few days left, so I won't delay if I am you.

Instead of showiung you some of the hunt gifts, Kitty is going to show you the final secret forest :)

Yeah, thats the Evil Bunny alright! And he has got lots of nice gifts for you in the forms of green candies!

Oh dear, the Evil Nurse is here too! Be careful of her! Just kidding. The graveyard is a nice haunt for all sort of danger, but since you had gotten though the hunt, you very well deserve every little bits of the rewards!

Start your hunt here at:

Here is the full hints and LMs:

See some of the gifts:



System Failure Horror Game

This is something that is somewhat different from your normal hunts. Instead, its a game with a story which you follow through and grabbing prizes along the way. The prizes are not necessary to complete the game. However, since there are a lot of prizes, Kitty, try to keep track of the prizes along the way and here are the number of prizes from each store. Kitty might have miss 1 or 2 though.

SN@TCH - 8
Pin Me Down - 3
Somnia - 17
The Stringer Mausoleum - 8
Cyrious - 2
HopScoth - 1
Goth1c0 - 8
Rue - 6
Songbird - 5
Infamous - 4
MV - 4
Sassy! - 3
Dragon Magick Wares - 3
Gauze - 3
Sakide - 4
Barely Legal - 2
Whims - 2
Fierce Design - 2
Velvet.Lnk - 1
Mesh Glam - 2
Discord Design -1
Auxiliary - 1

Together with the HUD, you will get a lab uniform that comes with the coat, the badge and ... well even a invisible alpha layer.

Queen of the Night comes in a few color, including snow, green, red and black of course.

There is even a evil bunny suit in the prizes.

And how about some nice dresses to wake the dead?

Think twice before you fall sick again or Kitty the Undead Nurse will be the one "treating" you!

There are plenty of furnitures, eyes, hairband and even poses waiting for you!

Start your trip into horror at:

Join their Facebook at:



Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.