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Leather or Lace Erotic Xmas

I had noticed this poster for a long long time before it actually started... I think that is one problem with hunts which announced too early. By the time the hunt started, everyone had gotten tired of waiting or had totally forgotten it altogether. In any case, I only recently completed this hunt, whatever that is working that it. 

There are a lot of broken links and many shops are not participating in the hunt as agreed, so I strongly advise everyone to keep to the webpage for all links because that should be the latest and most updated links. P.S. Although there was no mentioned about the last location broken, I was not able to find the prize there. 

Although you should already know, this is a ADULT only hunt and it will bring you to adults sims and stores. If you are not comfortable, you should avoid this hunt. Let's see some of the hunt prizes!

Red, Lace and Christmas. What could go wrong? Although I already had like 5 Santarina's outfit, I do not mind having one more.

I did warned you there will be some nudity in this post. Oh, I didn't? Ok, then the warning starts now. Anyway, this blue lacey semi-nude lingerie will definitely set some hearts pounding very quickly. 

If you are more into tight fitting lingerie, there is one in the prizes which makes it looks like you have laces all over your body. A perfect way to show your bf why he should give you those $L for getting a perfect skin. :)

If you are into just bras and panties, there is a green set here that looks good on most people, except Kitty, because somehow she doesn't like green. But in any case, she tried her best to show you how the outfit will look like.

And for those will a little more exotic taste, there is always black with nice leggings and gloves. Just look at all the laces and detail textile. I think its worth every cent buying this. Wait, tis FREE now! Hohoho :)

Well that is not to say everything in this hunt is naughty. Some of them are decently sexy and you can wear them around in sl like this red complete outfit with boots. Everything that needs to be covered are.

There are a few more red outfit and I will show one more here. Do note that modeling in the middle of the road is dangerous. Kids, do not try this at home.

For those naughty days at the beach, there are more semi nudes beach wears such as the above. I guess the effect seems to be there, but I do not think the original design was not to show your nipples at the nude beach, but you get the idea.

This black sophisticated outfits is perfect for dancing and a full lacey stockings is probably going to get your anyone's attention you desire.

For the more SM loving fans, there are suits for mistresses as well. Now, adding a whip to this would be the perfect touch.

Do not slam me for animals cruelty, but there is one leopard skin as well in the prizes and I must say this must be such a controversial picture with Kitty wearing fur! This is sl. No animals (in RL) is harmed in the making of this outfit (I hoped). And thanks Ars for this picture which was contributed by her. Kitty looks sexy, don't you think so? 

Hunters, start here:

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