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Christmas at Mirai no Sanctuary

This year had been fast and there are simply far too many hunts going on for this Christmas that I must say that I wish I could had completed more. But whatever the case, Christmas is all about the spirit and I did my very best to decorate and make my humor home a nice place for the holiday!

Using one of snow emitter I manage to make my Linden Home snow and its really look great even outside. The Christmas Tree was a grand prize from a previous hunt and I even had a sign post with dance poseballs in case anyone wanted to dance on it.

As I did not have much prims, I had to make full use of it and this fireplace is a fine 6 prims only, excluding the log and fire and the stocking! But the good news is both of them are free and low in prim as well.

With some help from marketplace, I manage to find some cheap and low prim items to decoreate the rest of my place, including the floor mat, the snow emitter (different from the one outside, but still 1 prim) as well as the snow prints on my windows.

I know this post may be late, but anyway, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.