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A Very Demonic Christmas Hunt Part 2

I promised I would do one more post to cover some of the great items of this hunt and here it is, however, I find myself unable to cover even 50% of it. :( But at least there is a page to link to in order to see all of the prizes. Maybe I should write to them and ask if they want Kitty to model for them? 

Yet another full Winter scene with reindeer, Xmas tree and snowman. A must for deco unless you are a prim poor girl like Kitty.

And why not a nice Xmas tree to add t othe night. Doesn't it looks fantastic in the dark?

An inferno seat to chill up or should I say heat up the evening with your friends over some cold, maybe hot beer? 

This is the outfit call Scrooge. I am not sure if it was designed for a girl, but Kitty certainly looks great in it!

And this photo is a mix of a few prizes together to form an outfit. NTocie the tattoo on my tummy, that is a prize too and it comes in a few options.

And there is nothing more hot and Kitty in a hot outfit!

I do wish to cover more of this hunt, but I really love the prizes. In fact, maybe I will, but due to the fact that Christmas is drawing near and I had lots of commitment for SL and RL for Xmas, I tend to be too busy. Not to mention that there are lots of other hunts ending soon and I wanted to complete them. 

So check out the other prizes at:

And start your hunt here:

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