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Womenstuff Hunt Nov 2012

The famous Womenstuff hunt had started a few days since with 200 locations and prizes this time. I had finally completed with some help from the friendly people on the chat channel, which cost $50L to join, but it is also necessary since some of the location only allow the prize to be claimed while you are wearing the group tag.

Some hints in general.

1. Always use or double check the LM from the website instead of trusting the one from the previous prize.
2. One of the LM is wrong and the exact shop is actually 1600m up in the air.
3. One of the LM is wrong and although it is the same name, the prize is in a different store. The hint something about prized wedged between something.
4. A few of the prizes are so small it is hard to see with naked eyes. Use zoom to see it.
5. All the prizes worked because I got them all and never even missed one, so do not doubt it never existed.

A full list of the locations and hints:

Start you hunting at:

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