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Petit Chat Model Costumes

I had been given the privilege to try out 2 of the dresses designed for SL Model High school. These dresses were designed by the French designer at Petit Chat and it had been rather challenging to look good in them because there were made for graduating models where Kitty is just a amateur.

In order to bring out the best of the outfit, I had chosen 2 brightly coloured backdrop to suit the beautiful dresses.

This first one is call Abby and is named after the original model. I had it against the bright sunset in order to set a contrast on the deep purple dress. I believe this should be available soon or not already from Petit Chat.

The second dress I have is call Mila, also named after the original model. I tried to be creative on putting it again a nice backdrop with the moon and a fantasy overtone. The dress feels good on Kitty and I certainly hope it does look good and did not disappoint the designer nor the original model.

Petit Chat has a blog at:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

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