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Mad Pea The Enchanted Frost Hunt

This is a extremely difficult hunt because the item is small and the item are pretty well hidden. Thankfully the hints are good and with the hunt of fellow treasure hunters (Melysange and Ginny Loon), I was able to finished it today. The hunt requires you to buy a hunt hud which cost 10 and it looks like this:

After you complete it it will show a nice photo here and you can proceed to claim your presents. The presents cannot be claim with a partially completed Hud.

Here are some of the outfit:

There is a complete blue sexy outfit which doesn't seems to look great on Kitty unfortunately. But maybe its just that Kitty doesn't like blue too much.

It also comes with fancy things very much like this steampunk like flying bicycle.

There are other bigger gift which requires more prim and I can no longer rez them since I do not have a sim to stay in anymore. However ,what I can show here is the poor guy crashed by box, the snowy mistletoe arc, the snow cap on Kitty are part of the gifts. Only the blue Kimono does not comes with the gifts.

Start your hunt here:

Read more information here:

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