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Creative Angel Hunts! Part 3

This is a continuation from:
Creative Angel Hunts! Part 2

This is the last part of the Creative Angel Hunts, which I never even planned to write more than 1 post in the first place. But the prizes are great and I thought why not cover this in details since it is also one of the recommended hunts by fellow hunters and you can quote me too, "I recommend this hunt!". Well, to be honest, if you want to do this, then you better hurry as there are barely a week left before it ends and unlike other hunts, when it ends, it ends. The item will be auto deleted by the hunt system.

There is another piece of simple black silk which is sexy, but not revealing. I comes with a eye mask which gives you a mysterious feel. This outfit is a perfect way to show off my curves in case anyone has doubt about my cup size! :P

The last outfit I show case here is a complete outfit with a whip that can be actionable. Maybe it is just my shape, but my nipples is kind of showing off which may or may not be a bad news depending on what the context is. Now stop staring at my rack and call my your queen, you vermin! Hahaha (Sorry, got carried away)

There are nice pieces of furnitures included in the hunt as well with multiple poses. For example this giant glass jar which seems like what I used to do for capturing firefly. I guess this is payback time.

And a wooden cage is never something I would miss whether its for caging a tiger, a furry or even you boys and girls. And I won't be shy with my whip!

There are more fanciful cages like this one and the next one, great for displaying your pets of slave. This comes has the ability to open and cage the metal bar while putting your slave inside. 

For the more dangerous prey, there is always good strong metal to keep them in (and my trusty whip!). No more excuses for letting your pet run free and creating havoc after this hunt!

There are other small things, well not small, but its hard for me to display them on my blog, in he hunt. Those includes skins, postures etc. Among 30 prizes, I do not think you will be disappointed with even 5 of them, even if you may not use them directly. For example, the long whip. I am kind of getting used to it being on my paw now. 

Lastly , CAH is in a way different as they organizes hunts based on feedback and suggestion instead of pre-determined themes. To make your voice heard, fill in the survey at:

And congratulations to my friend who had also completed the hunt. Time is ticking!

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