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Creative Angel Hunts! Part 2

OK, here is the second post I promised to show case the prizes for the Creative Angel Hunts which I mentioned here :
Creative Angel Hunts! Part 1

There are plenty of nice clothes and furnitures included in the hunt and I must say some are of pretty high quality which normally you pay quite some $L for it. I will cover some of them here and leave a few for one more post because I do not want to make the post too long to load for you.

Bound and Strapped. This ultra sexy outfit looks good on anyone. Like Elotte always saids, leather and belts could never go wrong and moreover, this is plenty of belts all over! 

I bet this picture send you thinking is Kitty naked or is she not? I guess that is the whole idea with this semi-nude outfit. It leaves almost nothing to imagination and if you master doesn't love it, he should see a doctor. :)

Red is always the seductive color and throw in some binding ropes and you get this almost feels like Japanese rope art with a little Kajiri twist. 

Not everyone loves red. The hunt does gives one rather nice green dress too in additional to the silks in purple and blue in the first post. This dress looks good even for dinners and parties.

If you love leather and whip, you will love this outfit! The belt is long and it even comes with whip marks for your body. Along with black leather high heel boots, this outfit will definitely set the mood in for some whipping and spanking.

For this post, this is one of my favorite from the hunt. Of course, that is my personal preference. This nice black outfit fits many roles from nobles to witches depending on what you are planning to do. Its a pity I did not get this before Halloween, or I might be walking around in this instead. 

I will conclude the prizes for this hunt in the last post coming up.

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