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Creative Angel Hunts! Part 1

I just completed the Creative Angel Hunt yesterday and did my best to cover it, but there is simply too many prizes to unpack (30 in total) and for the first time, I will be doing a multi part post for a hunt.

The hunt starts at :

At the starting point, you will be given a hunting hud free where it would track your progress. Once a hunt item had been touched and the prize take, it will disappear from the hud list. The hud also has the hint and location for tp build into it, so that you can jump one location to another location quickly without following any particular sequence. And addition advantage of the hud is that the hint and links are updated I believe, not dependent like others where the LM is given by a previous prize.

I manage to talk to the hunt owner and in fact she told me the hunt item will be auto deleted too without the owner having to worry about it. This is a fantastic system for hunts!

Enough talk, lets see some of the prizes.

A nice cosettle top is one of the hunt prizes that comes in various size. As kitty is shy, she added a panty from other prize for this photo shoot. :)

As this is a DOM / SUB theme hunt, there will be lots of revealing slave dresses and this is one of the nice sexy one complete with arm bangers and ankle clips.

Not all clothes are over revealing. Take this nice veiled red white dress for example. This is for slave who does not have the need to be revealing.

One of the prize include simple silk with a eye mask for both hand and face, plus a nice pair of nipple chains. I think Kitty does look really sexy in this. 

No slave hunt is complete without a red pair of dress and this one has a good mix of elegant and sexy in it.

There is a nice piece of bluish silk dress in the hunt as well if you do not like the purple one about. 

Well, I only have that much time to cover up to here. I will be covering more prizes from the hunt in another post right after. The hunt only last for 2 weeks, go grab it if you have not!

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