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A Broke Halloween Dream - FANTASMASGORIC Castle from irrISIStible shop

Not lone ago I was planning to throw a huge Halloween party by getting a sim and rezzing some nice furnitures and props with the Alice in Wonderland theme. In fact I even got hold of the Alice avi. I found some pretty good furnitures from irrISIStible shop and TNT texture which seems to fit into my theme and I thought I would buy maybe most from them for the sim.

One of which that interested me a lot was the FANTASMAGORIC Castle which looks like this. Yes, and it doesn't come cheap at 3500L.

 I went ahead and bought the castle on impulse although my friends rose had advise me to go take a look if a deployed version exists. In any case, I did quickly got the castle and it wasn't long before I start deploying it. But unfortunately the deployment was a disaster.

Even ever someone sit and stands from a poseball from the castle, I will get a message on my viewer such as the above and it become simply unusable and miserable for me if everyone start using the castle and I get flooded with script errors.

I contacted the owner and finalyl got a reply after I post a comment in the market place. She did tried to fix this for after some time and prepared a rezzbox version for me, but unfortunately the rezzing of the new castle totally failed on me and the castle simply look like this when I tried to rez it. The poseball does seems to work though.

After looking through the package in the rezzbox, I notice that there are 2 pieces inside and it seems that part 2 did not rezzed at all resulting the in above. I could try rezzing both and shift until then both are in the same place, but that is really time consuming. 

In the end, the communication either took too long and Halloween was so over. Eventually the owner even stopped answering my IM. Looks like I should had prepared Plan B. Probably will not make the same mistake again next year.

Well I hope you will enjoy the next picture because that's probable the only thing left to do after spending 3500L on it. The castle is gorgerous. If only it actually worked. :( What a pity. It was also fortunately that I had not purchase anymore nor got the sim. It would had been a great Halloween.

Searching online I did found many solution all pointing to custom scripts where the scripters made some assumption on permission without checking and resulted in the script errors. I had been trying to talk to the owner for about a week since and she doesn't seems to reply any more  so I assumed she won't be doing anything about it.

Anyway, for your developers out there, here is the solution, please fix your furniture if you have this problem:

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