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Petit Chat's Mindset

I had the privilege once again to try out Petit Chat's Mindset outfit and this come with enough accessories for different style of dress. I had tried out 2 ways of putting it together below. 

PC Mindset at Marketplace:

The red mini skirt and sexy top is a good way to get some attention even if you are in a steampunk environment. Other than the shoes, the rest of the jewellery also came from the same store.

Another way is to put on the full dress and looks formal for a nice at any dinner or dance events. In fact, I had decided its even good enough for a dance in the cloud. But where is my dance partner? 

Visit Petit Chat Main Store at:

Costume Creation Gothic Xmas

As Christmas draws near in less than a month, I decided to get myself a nice Xmas outfit for any upcoming events. One Gothic style Christmas costume from Costume Creations caught my eyes from the marketplace.

I think it is not a surprise it looks pretty good on Kitty, because Kitty had always been a Gothic chick. I guess for those who knows Kitty well, you will be happy to see her in this outfit often. In fact I had even bought 2 of the same outfits for two of my best girlfriends.

Visit Costume Creations at:


Contrasting Art Hunt

I just completed this little hunt with 9 items, all of which are artworks. If you are looking for nice art pieces for your place, this would be the hunt for it!

It seems that item #2 is broken and from #1 you get the LM to #3 instead. All these prizes are artworks, so instead of commenting on them, I will let the pictures do the talking. After all a picture is worth a thousand words.

Start your hunt here:

Pillow and Things Store Hunt

Although I had completed this hunt locating all the 20 items (10 in main store and 10 in small avatars) I did not end up buying all of them. In fact most of the items are at 25L and only 2 of them are actually 0L. So if you want to embark on this hunt, there is limited time and you need to have some $L prepared for it.

Another reason why I had not bought any of them is because this is essentially a furniture store and the prizes are mostly furnitures which I have not much use of it since I do not have a place to my own now due to various reasons.

That being said, you would ask, then what is there to blog about? Well, I still got the 2 free items and here they are:

One of the hint consists of these wooden pumpkins.

This huge rug is also one of the prizes what is free.

Well, if you are in need of furnitures, do give this hunt a try at:
Pillows & Things Plaza (P&T)

Belle - The Biker Girl

My friend Belle is really into biking and she really looks good on her bike. This is a picture she send me with her on her motorbike. I really love the way how she handled the machine. So, who says a girl cannot manage a 4 stroke 500cc?

And I don't know how it feels, but apparently the bike could be used as a bed as shown above. So does that means a motorbike is all you need to travel? Well, I got to ask my friend Belle. :)


Hammie Time Hunt

I had just completed a mini 5 location hunt for hamster stuff and it brings me to 5 different locations where hamster accessories are being sold.

The hunt prizes includes the katana, ear muff, lollipop, shoes and tiara. The butterfly wings on my hamster fly is not included though.

Read the hint here and start hunting! :

Petit Chat Model Costumes

I had been given the privilege to try out 2 of the dresses designed for SL Model High school. These dresses were designed by the French designer at Petit Chat and it had been rather challenging to look good in them because there were made for graduating models where Kitty is just a amateur.

In order to bring out the best of the outfit, I had chosen 2 brightly coloured backdrop to suit the beautiful dresses.

This first one is call Abby and is named after the original model. I had it against the bright sunset in order to set a contrast on the deep purple dress. I believe this should be available soon or not already from Petit Chat.

The second dress I have is call Mila, also named after the original model. I tried to be creative on putting it again a nice backdrop with the moon and a fantasy overtone. The dress feels good on Kitty and I certainly hope it does look good and did not disappoint the designer nor the original model.

Petit Chat has a blog at:

Petit Chat-Moumou's Square:

A Broke Halloween Dream - FANTASMASGORIC Castle from irrISIStible shop

Not lone ago I was planning to throw a huge Halloween party by getting a sim and rezzing some nice furnitures and props with the Alice in Wonderland theme. In fact I even got hold of the Alice avi. I found some pretty good furnitures from irrISIStible shop and TNT texture which seems to fit into my theme and I thought I would buy maybe most from them for the sim.

One of which that interested me a lot was the FANTASMAGORIC Castle which looks like this. Yes, and it doesn't come cheap at 3500L.

 I went ahead and bought the castle on impulse although my friends rose had advise me to go take a look if a deployed version exists. In any case, I did quickly got the castle and it wasn't long before I start deploying it. But unfortunately the deployment was a disaster.

Even ever someone sit and stands from a poseball from the castle, I will get a message on my viewer such as the above and it become simply unusable and miserable for me if everyone start using the castle and I get flooded with script errors.

I contacted the owner and finalyl got a reply after I post a comment in the market place. She did tried to fix this for after some time and prepared a rezzbox version for me, but unfortunately the rezzing of the new castle totally failed on me and the castle simply look like this when I tried to rez it. The poseball does seems to work though.

After looking through the package in the rezzbox, I notice that there are 2 pieces inside and it seems that part 2 did not rezzed at all resulting the in above. I could try rezzing both and shift until then both are in the same place, but that is really time consuming. 

In the end, the communication either took too long and Halloween was so over. Eventually the owner even stopped answering my IM. Looks like I should had prepared Plan B. Probably will not make the same mistake again next year.

Well I hope you will enjoy the next picture because that's probable the only thing left to do after spending 3500L on it. The castle is gorgerous. If only it actually worked. :( What a pity. It was also fortunately that I had not purchase anymore nor got the sim. It would had been a great Halloween.

Searching online I did found many solution all pointing to custom scripts where the scripters made some assumption on permission without checking and resulted in the script errors. I had been trying to talk to the owner for about a week since and she doesn't seems to reply any more  so I assumed she won't be doing anything about it.

Anyway, for your developers out there, here is the solution, please fix your furniture if you have this problem:


Creative Angel Hunts! Part 3

This is a continuation from:
Creative Angel Hunts! Part 2

This is the last part of the Creative Angel Hunts, which I never even planned to write more than 1 post in the first place. But the prizes are great and I thought why not cover this in details since it is also one of the recommended hunts by fellow hunters and you can quote me too, "I recommend this hunt!". Well, to be honest, if you want to do this, then you better hurry as there are barely a week left before it ends and unlike other hunts, when it ends, it ends. The item will be auto deleted by the hunt system.

There is another piece of simple black silk which is sexy, but not revealing. I comes with a eye mask which gives you a mysterious feel. This outfit is a perfect way to show off my curves in case anyone has doubt about my cup size! :P

The last outfit I show case here is a complete outfit with a whip that can be actionable. Maybe it is just my shape, but my nipples is kind of showing off which may or may not be a bad news depending on what the context is. Now stop staring at my rack and call my your queen, you vermin! Hahaha (Sorry, got carried away)

There are nice pieces of furnitures included in the hunt as well with multiple poses. For example this giant glass jar which seems like what I used to do for capturing firefly. I guess this is payback time.

And a wooden cage is never something I would miss whether its for caging a tiger, a furry or even you boys and girls. And I won't be shy with my whip!

There are more fanciful cages like this one and the next one, great for displaying your pets of slave. This comes has the ability to open and cage the metal bar while putting your slave inside. 

For the more dangerous prey, there is always good strong metal to keep them in (and my trusty whip!). No more excuses for letting your pet run free and creating havoc after this hunt!

There are other small things, well not small, but its hard for me to display them on my blog, in he hunt. Those includes skins, postures etc. Among 30 prizes, I do not think you will be disappointed with even 5 of them, even if you may not use them directly. For example, the long whip. I am kind of getting used to it being on my paw now. 

Lastly , CAH is in a way different as they organizes hunts based on feedback and suggestion instead of pre-determined themes. To make your voice heard, fill in the survey at:

And congratulations to my friend who had also completed the hunt. Time is ticking!

Creative Angel Hunts! Part 2

OK, here is the second post I promised to show case the prizes for the Creative Angel Hunts which I mentioned here :
Creative Angel Hunts! Part 1

There are plenty of nice clothes and furnitures included in the hunt and I must say some are of pretty high quality which normally you pay quite some $L for it. I will cover some of them here and leave a few for one more post because I do not want to make the post too long to load for you.

Bound and Strapped. This ultra sexy outfit looks good on anyone. Like Elotte always saids, leather and belts could never go wrong and moreover, this is plenty of belts all over! 

I bet this picture send you thinking is Kitty naked or is she not? I guess that is the whole idea with this semi-nude outfit. It leaves almost nothing to imagination and if you master doesn't love it, he should see a doctor. :)

Red is always the seductive color and throw in some binding ropes and you get this almost feels like Japanese rope art with a little Kajiri twist. 

Not everyone loves red. The hunt does gives one rather nice green dress too in additional to the silks in purple and blue in the first post. This dress looks good even for dinners and parties.

If you love leather and whip, you will love this outfit! The belt is long and it even comes with whip marks for your body. Along with black leather high heel boots, this outfit will definitely set the mood in for some whipping and spanking.

For this post, this is one of my favorite from the hunt. Of course, that is my personal preference. This nice black outfit fits many roles from nobles to witches depending on what you are planning to do. Its a pity I did not get this before Halloween, or I might be walking around in this instead. 

I will conclude the prizes for this hunt in the last post coming up.


Creative Angel Hunts! Part 1

I just completed the Creative Angel Hunt yesterday and did my best to cover it, but there is simply too many prizes to unpack (30 in total) and for the first time, I will be doing a multi part post for a hunt.

The hunt starts at :

At the starting point, you will be given a hunting hud free where it would track your progress. Once a hunt item had been touched and the prize take, it will disappear from the hud list. The hud also has the hint and location for tp build into it, so that you can jump one location to another location quickly without following any particular sequence. And addition advantage of the hud is that the hint and links are updated I believe, not dependent like others where the LM is given by a previous prize.

I manage to talk to the hunt owner and in fact she told me the hunt item will be auto deleted too without the owner having to worry about it. This is a fantastic system for hunts!

Enough talk, lets see some of the prizes.

A nice cosettle top is one of the hunt prizes that comes in various size. As kitty is shy, she added a panty from other prize for this photo shoot. :)

As this is a DOM / SUB theme hunt, there will be lots of revealing slave dresses and this is one of the nice sexy one complete with arm bangers and ankle clips.

Not all clothes are over revealing. Take this nice veiled red white dress for example. This is for slave who does not have the need to be revealing.

One of the prize include simple silk with a eye mask for both hand and face, plus a nice pair of nipple chains. I think Kitty does look really sexy in this. 

No slave hunt is complete without a red pair of dress and this one has a good mix of elegant and sexy in it.

There is a nice piece of bluish silk dress in the hunt as well if you do not like the purple one about. 

Well, I only have that much time to cover up to here. I will be covering more prizes from the hunt in another post right after. The hunt only last for 2 weeks, go grab it if you have not!

Belle - My Friend

Belle had always been my friend since the start of my days in SL and it is amazing how we had not talked much but remains good friends till today. I would like to dedicate this post to her!

Belle always love RED!

Belle playing at Humanoid.

Belle and Elotte at SASS.


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.