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The Resurrection

Previously... Embrace of Darkness

I opened my eyes and I saw... nothing. I realized no matter how wide I opened my eyes, I could not see anything else beside than darkness itself. I started to panic. My mind races through the possibilities of what this is happening to me while suddenly I remember how pain felt. I could feel my body levitated and my limbs spread and twisted backwards like a doll. I can hear each and every of my bones in my body cracking as I am being squeezed like an orange, my life force being drained out.

I remembered. The Hellspawn. The resurrection ritual and how it had gone wrong. I try to move, forcing my arm against the invisible wind binding my body and turning it. With extreme effort, I managed to reach for my sword and without hesitation I pulled it swiftly.

"No!!!!" I could hear Kismeta screamed out loud as I heard a loud cracking sound of metal shattering and I felt shrapnels of broken steel pierce right into my body. The sword. It was not Kataros, the cursed demon blade. It lied in the Dark Mystic Shadow where I had buried together with the ninja scrolls. But the sword must still had cause the Hellspawn to lose its grip on my body as it falls heavily onto the ground, aching all over, as if all my bones are already broken.

I laid still, unable to move no more. Is this the end? I had done all I could and it seem that not without my sight, I could do not a bit more. I tried to lift up my hand, but it no longer respond. I close my eyes, not that it matters since I could only see the darkness in front of me. Slowly a vivid pictures of the sight in front of me forms in my mind. The Hellspawn switching and screaming as it waves it scythe furiously as Kismeta jumps up against it, her arms filled with unholy strength grips the scythe's blade as she look up right at the Hellspawn.

"No..." I exclaimed. The ritual is destroyed. All the years of searching and risking our lives for is gone. I tried to scream out but no voice comes out of my mouth as if my voice was sucked into the void as the Hellspawn broke free and charge at me with extreme swiftness.

Kismeta stood over me, in between the Hellspawn as she held on to her reddish blindfold and pulls it off her eyes. I cannot see, but I could only imagine how her pupil-less white eyes must had looked like as she look calmly at the Hellspawn and open she mouth wide...

I do not know how I can see vivid vision of the surrounding in my mind, but I instinctively pulled out all my strength to cups my ears with my hands. Fortunately, now they obey my commands and before I know it, I was blown backwards as I hear the Hellspawn scream in terror and pain. Kismeta gave out a long evil howls that chills me to the very deepest part of my bones. It was unearthly, something so dark and evil that most problem is even unfitting for the depth of Hell. As I look on, I could only get a blurry image of the Hellspawn being dispersed by the force of the howl and Kismeta standing  firm where she was. As I feel my head hit hard against something, I lose conscienceness and everything, well, is still black, but fades to darkness.

I slowly opened my eyes again and I reach for my eyes. A silky blindfold was tighted over my eyes. Everything is still black and dark.

"You had entered my Darkness in the ritual, master, and at the same time, it had entered you. I think for a while you will be like me. Unable to see, but could only feel with your heart..." I wipe on my face and felt the dry blood on my cheek. I must had bleed really bad from all over.

"So, I am not going to die?" I grin as Kismeta place her warm hand over my forehead and wipe away the blood from my eyes and nose. "It seems not. master!" I could almost hear her giggles. I quickly caught hold of her hand and place it close to my cheek. It feels warm, not like her coldness before. The ritual works! I was just about to laugh when Kismeta said sadly.

"The ritual was a complete failure, but neither was it completely successful. I am human again, but only in the presence of sunshine. By dark, I will become the undying again..." I held on hard to her hands as I could almost feel her shivering. I reach out and hold her shoulders, pulling her down to me as I hug her tightly. "Sorry..." I was about to apologize for my lack of strength as I feel my lips sealed by her kiss.

"Silly master!" She giggles "Let's go, you had been asleep for days!!!" She jumps up and picks up her crossbow, sheathing it onto her harness on her belt. I tried to stand up for the first time even since I lost my sight.

"Well, I guess you will have to stick around for a while, until I can see again, won't you?" I smiled as I begin to walk, but tips and fall, right into her embrace. She lift me up and smile, so ever gently for the first time, as a woman. "I guess I will. Or maybe...!!" She smiled as we walked away from the ritual ground...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.