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Kiyomizu Autumn Treasure Hunting 2012

I had a chance to finally spend some time in completing this Japanese treasure hunt and gotten most of the treasure. Some of the treasure had been withdrawn and as such I would not get the perfect score of 75/75 kitties. 

What is so great about this hunt? The items are all oriental and Japanese. Its rather unique and hard to come by in SL. Secondly, they have the most advance system in tracking progress, there is a webpage generated for you and it tells you which stores and how many kitties you completed from that. 

This was part of my final report :

Well, its really cool and the webpage also serve as the TP portal for you to go to each of the store as well. Once you got this part figured out, the hunt is in fact very nice.

However, there are a few locations which was difficult because the kitt is really too small or there were too many. In fact 6 inside Tokyo Girl which I got some help from my fellow treasure hunters to complete.

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