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Farewell Jenny Ann

I did not want to write anymore and I thought my death will do well to end my SL for good. After all, there is  very little point of running around taking photos and doing treasure hunts when there is no one to share the joy with. Its not that I do not have friends, but rather solitude is just my destiny.

But sometimes tragedy just love to struck me when the time cannot be worse. As if I could even see Lady Fate grins when she does this, I got a really grave news one mornign right before breakfast when JennyAnnP logged in and after my "Hi, long time no see..." I get a cold "I am Jenny's cousin..." Immediately. I knew someone is VERY wrong...

My worse fear had become true. It seems that Jenny were at a party and when returning home, her car drove right into a truck. She did not make it. I did not had breakfast that morning. I am sad. But the cruelty of this was this had happened before and it was all but a very cruel joke and she was alive claiming her roommate lied about her death. I do not know if I should be crying or not.

Her cousin then tell me she is keeping track of her friends she informed and deleting one by one... and before she goes if I want to see her one last time. Of course I did. And she even gave me Harley's outfit. I will miss playing in Gothem with Jenny. I remember when we first met, Harkey and Helena. What a unexpected pair.

I held me tears and I skipped breakfast. I wanted to cry, but I bottled it up. I just want to write about it.
I am going to miss you Jenny Ann.

Taken from her profile... You are so cute my friend.

This is the only SL picture I had with you Jenny. I wish I could recover those we took in Gothem, but tis all gone. I will miss Harley. I will miss you Jenny. Rest in Peace.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.