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Dance Event at Milky House Part 1

Recently I attended a dance events at the famous Kimono merchant call Milky House. Expecting it be just another dance at a club, I was hoping to mix around and I dragged Rinka with me. The event turns out to be more than that, with one of the most fantastic visual effects I had seen and a fantastic crowd including the owner of Milky House herself! 

The owner is the one wearing the Red Kimono. Oops Rinka is a cloud! :P

I told you they had mind blowing visual effects!

These effect almost rivals the Wishmaster 2 or Ultima 3 Spell Hub.

Ok, it can get messy at times, but still very stunning.

The music is cool and no ugly avatars spoted... :) KOP Joke.

The effects spreads all over from lights to darkness. It makes me felt as if I had danced for days, but yet I am not tired.

The good mix of mist and light effect is fantastic. If I have a Halloween party, I would love to have this effect for the dance floor!

And did I said flowers! Yes there are so much flowers it really so 80s. Go! Flower Power!

I can only say I had a great time, but guess what? This is only half of it! Stay tune for Part 2.

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