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Alice Once Again

I went around enjoying myself as Alice and I even brought my friends to go get similar Halloween outfit for the occasion. Among them I got Em and Rinka, but it was a pity Rinka did not got hers ready and I did not manage to grab her photo.

Em got a greenish one which looks like a plant and she looks gorgeous in it! 

I played around in the graveyard on Em multiscene skyboard and the mist effect was kind of spooky even for Alice.

Kismeta got a free outfit when she joined the membership and she was dress in a Pro Peace costume with nice flowers and smiley face particles. Again, here is my green witch Em with her cute dollie. In case you hadn't realize my floatie is a teapot.

After a crazy day, nothing compare to take a nap on my plant pod in the giant tree. There is a giant owl, but I am not sure if I got a photo of it. Anyway this plant pod is the prize of the Fairytale Fantasy Hunt for this location.

This is a close up of Alice... It is kind of embarrassing, but this is probably as close as I am comfortable for the camera. 

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.