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CiC Halloween Hunt

You cannot imagine how generous CIC had been with this hunt. There are 40 hairs packs with about 4 basic colors and plenty of choice to modify it with the hair, streak and accessories hubs. I wish to post all 40 of the hairs, but it would be too long to load this post. So instead I posted a selected few to give you a feel of that some of the hairs are like and to make it a fair comparison, I will keep my mermaid outfit through this whole post.

Well that is quite a bit and trust me, if you have only time for 1 hunt. This will be the one!

Start your hunt at:

Evie’s Closet Giveaway

Evie's Cloest is giving away 4 sets of fantastic outfit for your fantasy needs.

The first is the Fairy Autumn Edition which is not only cute, but in good details. 

The Elora II fantasy gown is a nice dress to add to my dres which I can wear to fantasy balls.

The Fable Pack features a beautiful dress in high details which is sure to drop some jaws when I enter the ball room.

And the last is the Nereida Mermaid outfit which is so beautiful that you can see the scales on it. And this reminds me of a pretty goldfish, but unfortunately I do not think many sims welcome mermaids. 

Grab them all at:

Rebel Hope’s little Pumpkin Hunt!

A nice hunt with dress, earing and masks mainly.

There is this black dress that goes very well with the flashy red mask. Too bad I had missed the masquerade party.

There is also a long straight dress with a red top which I liked. 

There is also a yellow top variation of the straight red above.

There is also a nice purple dress which is a good excuse to show off my long legs.

And this come in red as well. The show is also a gift and did you noticed I changed the masks? There are a lot of masks in the prizes. Also notice the earrings which are cute little pumpkins.

The last but not least is a set of lingerie which is black, sexy and come to straps to the stocking. What else more did I have to say?

Begin the hunt at:


Grimm Shores Haunted Hunt

A simple hunt with 5 stop and large skulls. All the prizes consist of furnitures and props. The sim itself however is interesting with fireballs constantly bombarding the sim and lots of gruesome stuff liek graveyards and undead roaming around. 

I manage to take a picture of the bombardment of pumpkins.

The prizes actually consists of 2 tress, a graveyard and other smaller objects. 

Here is a close up of the smaller prizes.

Start the hunt in:


Lynece Shop Halloween Hunt

A simple hunt which your 5 items including 4 T-shirt and the jeans by the French designer Lynece. 

I love black and it does looks good on me.

The striking yellow also looks well for everyday wear. 

However the hunt area is small, but the item is well hidden. Derendering is necessary to uncover some of them.

Innuendo Halloween Hunt

 I just completed an mini hunt by Innuendo, an Italian fashion designer for SL. The sign shown in the shop, I must say, is the clearest sign I had seen so far! It shows the prizes as well!

The AUDRY Outfit is flexible and comes with a few way to mix and match the design to your liking.

If you prefer mini skirt than pants, it comes with the interchangeable parts for it as well.

And who not a dress for that? This is why this outfit is a great design for you to mix and match it. It also comes with resize scripts for there is no worries about sizes.

As I had joined the group, I also realized that there is a really sexy witch outfit for sale. It is only 10L and I feel it is worth more than that, so I bought it without another thought. Here is me in my sexy witch outfit! Yes, did someone just turned out the air conditioner?

Halloween Ghost Hunt

This is a rather interesting hunts with stores carrying the little ghost. Some are pretty challenging hiding in the eye's blind spot. But the prize is quite fantastic actually.

You get at least 3 outfit and here is one of them with many choices of tanks, but being the emo girl Iam, I choose black.

Another great outfit for going to a dance with the dashing red and cuts. The black tall stocking just completes it perfectly.

And a bunch of other stuffs that comes in the hunt...

And the hunt starts here:

Bats in the Belfry 2

A nice mini hunt on a small shop. There are 7 stops in total and in fact, there are 2 complete outfits included.

One of them is the Rag Doolz Kaity O'Malley Fall Glory above. It is yet another great dress for dinners and dances.

Another outfit is the Enchantess. But unfortunately I am not great in green or looks good in green.

One of the prize is this, which is cute, but I do not find a use unless you want to gallows some petite characters because it is really small in size.

Death Row Halloween Mini Hunt

I always love Death Row Design's stuff. And I won't miss this hunt. But unfortunately, the hunt was rather bad. There is no number to track which pumpkin has you gotten and in fact most of the pumpkins are not working. Maybe it is because I started this too late, but I guess I will grab whatever I can (which totals to about 10 out of the 24 prizes).

Start your hunt here:

Killa Designz Spooktacular Killa Hunt

A not so simple hunt with 29 well hidden pumpkins for you to find. The good is that the prizes are all pretty good (subjective, to me at least) and its all in 1 sim, but different shops. It makes it simple to deduce there is at least 1 in each shop. 

But for this hunt, everything prize is free. The requirement is however that you join into the group. 

Here is a sample of the prizes:

And start your hunt here:

My Humble Linden Home

Halloween is just around the corner and I had decorated my humble Linden Home with whatever I could get my hands on within the 117 Prims. And I guess its photo time rather than having it de-mantled and forgotten after this month.

My front door comes with a eerie cauldron as well as a spooky girl giving a Trick-Or-Treat greeting and playing tunes. This is a prim costly setup, but I hope someone would appreciates it.

The side of my living room where I place all my favourite flowers and some hangings of Halloween Decorations.

My bathtub. Yes I need to get blinds too...

My little living room with a TV (which shows nothing most of the time) and a fishtank. I will do more about it when I get more prims back after I take out the Halloween stuff.


Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.