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To See or Not to See - Redending and Deredending in SL

There is an option to derender an object within Secondlife build in function. Its not magic, but it does magic sometimes during a hunt. Derender does not physically remove the object from the SecondLife world. What it does is that it just does not make it visible to us.

To show you how it works, here is a picture where there are trees all over and your are looking for black cats which is covered by the trees.

Choosing to derender the trees will make the black cats appears easily. And as a added bonus, you will notice the cube we are also looking for appears right in front of our eyes at the bottoms. Cheers! 

To derender an object, simply right click on it, click [more] and [more] one more time and you will see the derender option.

*** Instructions to Undo Derendered Items ***

But won't that destroy the sim for you and you will find that no matter how much you relog, reboot or clear cache, it won't come back. The reason is simple, because that item had been in your blacklist. To see your blacklist, access [World] on your menu and you will see a [Asset Blacklist] option. This will open all the derendered items you have. Just remove those entries and re-tp into the sim and you will see the items.

A lot of people had been asking about this so I thought its good to put this in. Enjoy!

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