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The Broken Mermaid Part 6

I closed my eyes waiting for death to come claim me, but instead I feel a sharp pain my my heart as the Seawitch stab it hard with the Crystal Sword. "I will give you back you voice as I promise, but since you did you get me his blood, I will make you pay with it with your immortality!" As the sharp tip of the blade plunges deep into my breasts right into my heart, I feel the sharp blade tears through my skin and fresh as it cut deep into my dying heart. "Why don't you just kill me, you Seabitch!" I cries out softly as my body falls backwards after her tentacles let go of me, slowly dropping to the ocean floor leaving a trail of blood in the water.

I spread my arms helplessly as my body hit the floor with a soft tug. As I feel my life forces slowly being drained away as my reddish blood flow out mixing into the water into a ruby red clouds. I lay still. Totally given up all hope for anything. I wish she would just end it, but instead I feel a rush of water as my motionless body is being pushed out of the cave. "Go, before I change my mind! Its only because you are a Mer Princess I decide you should not die by my hand!"

I lay like a dead fish on the ocean floor as my wound slowly heals. It had seems that although I am not longer immortal, my healing abilities had not left me.My eyes looks at the tiny fading sunrays that penetrates the dark blue seas, but yet I can only feel my beatless heart now cold as stone. I struggle to pull myself up, my naked body bruise and scratch against the rough ocean rocks. I did not know when, my eyes was wet with tears as it drifted into the ocean waters and my scale on my tail had fell like rain onto the floor. From afar, I see shapes coming towards me. 

"Sharks! Just what I needed now!" With all hope lose, I can't help pondering on the idea to let them eat me alive. Maybe even worse, raped and eaten alive. These bastards had always had eyes on me, looking lustfully at my body now as they circles me. I would die, but I did not want my body to be ravaged by these cold heartless fishes. As I barely stands up in the waters, my breasts swings gently, but I could feel these perversive sights locked onto my mammaries. I wanted to cover it with my hands, but I know it wouldn't do any good. 

I put out the trident slinged to my back, not only a formidable weapon, but as well as a symbol of my princess-hood. I go nothing left. My love had been ultimately betrayed. My soul forever lost since the day I had used the forbidden magic of the Seawitch. My friends all had deserved me because I would not listen to them and insisted that my love for the human prince is the right way for me. Maybe today is the time I pay my price. I thought as I look the sharks in their eyes.

"Bring it on, fuckers!" I pull my trident back ready to strike as I raise my left hand and show them a proud gesture from my middle finger. As one of the shark start to charge with rage, I raise my trident towards his head and lunge myself forward. To Victory or to Death! I scream my battlecry loud inside my broken and shattered heart.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.