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The Broken Mermaid Part 5

My body glides through the cold ocean waters as I dive deeper and deeper into the darkness of the sea. My pulled out the crystal sword and within it, almost as if its a vessel, contains a trails of red crimson blood. My blood. As I held the crystal sword close to my chest, I start to remember the words spoken by the Seawitch the last time before I left the sea.

"Three days you have, Mer Princess to tame his heart. Shall the time passes without so, you must stab him with the Crystal Sword and return to me with his blood or you will disintegrate into bubbles. With your tail and voice, I will trade you a pair of legs and the ability to love. Do you agree?..."

I can still faintly remember saying "yes..." as my mouth opens naturally while I swim hard and fast, swiping my tail up and down and as I approaches the dark sinister cave, I slowed down to a halt. I looked beyond the darkness inside and spotted the pair of huge red eyes deep within. I had never seen the Seawitch before, it had always been the pair of eyes. 

"Mer Princess, what are you waiting for, bring his blood in!"  Before I could react, she roars loudly, spending waves of turbulences towards me, almost sending me drifting backwards. I push myself forwards slowly towards the cave and raise the Crystal Sword up with my hand where a tentacles from the Seawitch quickly grab it from me. 

I lowered my head and waited nervously. Will my little trickery get passed the Seawitch? I asked myself. Before I could react I feel a big gust of water rushes towards me knocking me to the ocean floor and it was immediately followed by a hissing scream. "You dare to trick me!!! This is not his blood!!" The Seawitch scream in fury as I try to move back away from the cave. I quickly turn and sweep my tail as hard as I can towards the exit.

Before I could reach the exit I feel my tail gripped be her tentacle. I tried to reach for my weapon, but my hand were quickly restrained and held widespread by more of her tentacles. I find myself bounded as she held my up. "You Mer Bitch!" She throws the Crystal Sword onto the floor and one of her tentacles wrapped around my neck, strangling me as I choke hard, bubbles rushing out from my gills. I tried to scream, but no voice comes out and I tried to struggle against the bondage, but the tentacles only held me tighter and tighter! Other tentacles rushes to my body, wriggling and holding my body, almost crushing it. I feel my clam shells bra ripped off violently from my breasts and my torso armour peels off her the tentacles.

I feel naked and despite all my struggle, I feel as if I am being raped by the Seawitch gruesome tentacles. Her tentacles wraps all over my body, squeezing it so hard I could almost feel my bones cracking under her tremendous force. I thought to myself. This pain was noting compare to the pain I felt when I saw the princess making love to the princess he claim he did not love. Or at the time when he called me a witch and I have no voice to rebate him as he shot me with his bow, the arrow piercing straight through my body missing my heart by an inch.. I felt eh arrow tip penetrate through my back as blood streams and spray like a fountain. Yet all these pain is nothing compare to the pain I felt in my heart... bleeding badly from the deprived love and the betrayal. Suddenly I just let go and stop my struggling. Somehow I knew. I was here seeking not life. But death.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.