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The Broken Mermaid Part 4

I had lost all my previous log on my travel laptop during a training. However, I remembered I really enjoyed the twisted Little Mermaid rp story and so I decided that I would make good use of my emotion drive and rewrite it here. This is what I vaguely remember as the last part of the story.

Facing the deep blue sea, I look upon the sunny rays reflected as shades of golden shapes upon the waves and sea gulls sings happily above the waters soaring playfully with each other. I held my hand to my left chest where my heart beats faintly, just inches off the arrow wound which is still bleeding badly, almost as if it was my heart that was bleeding. But I know inside, my heart had almost bleed itself out. As promised, I will fulfilled my destiny as foretold. "The little silly Mer Princess falling in love with a Human Prince..." I laugh but my eyes is tears so hard that tears no longer flows from it, out from it is nothing be red crimson bleed as it flows down my face like two rivers on my cheeks.

I peels off the breastplates and leather armor dropping it to the floor as I slip off the tight combat pants and boots, returning to my natural self. My body fully exposed to the sea breeze as I feel it surround my body like a warm welcome again. This is the way I came and this it the way I would go back. I pulled off the hairclip that the Prince had given me and throw it in anger onto he muddy sands on the shores and step hard on it with my human feet until i can hear it crack and I could feel my sole bleeding by a cut as the soft sands spreads a web of red lining beneath my feet. My silvery white hair drops down once again, flowing over my shoulders all the way to my butts as I had never cut since I was born. I looked at the calm blue sea below as I hold my breathe before leaping down into the cold ocean water, feeling the salted fluid rushed into my lungs as I slowly loses the ability to breathe with it.

I tried to kick hard with my feet, but I am sinking deeper and deeper as I loose the feeling as of my legs, which had now been fused together. I coughed as the water rushes through my throat wondering if this is the feeling known as drowning to men. The gills on my chin bones opens up and release a gust of bubbles as I took my very first breath of oxygen from the sea once again as a Mermaid. I gave my gigantic fish like tail a big swing as i moves swiftly across the water once more, smooth like a fish. I hold tight the the crystal sword in its sheath on my tiny waist as I moved along. Now there is only one last time to do to end it all...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.