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Last Night By the River

It was a quiet night, you where standing there, not alone, but with your sweet love, in the pale moonlight which reflects from the surface of the silky river, like a golden plate sunk deep into the riverbed. Both of you stood still as the wind gently blows. You thought it was the sound of the wind that stirs the gentle grass along the sides of the river. But it was not. It was just my soft whisper as I hid behind the big oak tree nearby. Last night by the river.

It was a night of a full moon. You were standing next to her, as you slowly hold her into your embrace. AS she softly moans as you hug her close, your hand held her tight, caressing her back as she looked into your eyes, with hers, almost wet with the tears for joy. I could feel mine wet too as two stream of tears drips down my cheek. As you step foward to hold her chin up, you thought you heard a crack. Maybe from a twig under your feet, or a unfortunately dry leave that crumbles beneath her feet. But it was not. It was my heart cracking as it was broken as I cry silently in my heart from the distance. Last night by the river.

It was a night of cold chilling winds, but you cape covered and protected you from the chill and her as well as you wrapped her into your arms. She slowly closes her eyes as you locks your lips onto hers gently, kissing her passionately as the owls and nightland creatures watched silently. She moans softly from your gentle touch on her face as you hold her closer, your bodies so close to each other that you thought you could hear both your heart beating together. But it was not. It was my blood slowly flowing out of my body was I cut deep into my veins, my hands now wet in a crimson red as I saw the silhouette of you and your sweet lover together as one. Last night by the river.

It was a night of dead silent as you left with her, forever together, her hands holding yours, fingers locked together. As the pale moonlight shone through the tall pines, into the deepest part of the night in the forest, you feel something stopped as if it was time, forever locking the sweetest moment in your life together with the girl before you. Yet for the last time it was not. It was my heart that never beat in the first place. My tears that never flowed any longer and my blood that never bleed no more. As my lifeless body flows down the river, eyes cried till I bleed and my hand drained of blood until my dress and legs are tainted in a sinful red that even the river water could not wash away. As my body drifts down beside you, I watched standing next to you but you could not see. My lips whisper softly "Farewell my love, not was not mine to be" as it was drowned by the soft chilling wind. Last night by the river.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.