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Kitty had a Nice Bath

Today was a special day because Kitty went shopping with her friends and bought a lot of things. Among which is a fantastic Bathtub from Sadistic Hackers which is the perfect thing to enjoy after a long day of shopping and carrying all my heavy stuff and wearing a very thick Kimono all the way...

I took this quick photo under the Sokanon Tree and quickly got myself ready for a hot steamy bath beside the fireplace...

With the Sokanon Leaves flying in through the windows, I laid quietly beside the bathtub thinking of things and relaxing from a whole day of stress.

With the fireplace burning and almost no one else in sight, I took my time to bat hand enjoy the eater which does not come by easily at this temperature. Occasionally, I even grab the squeaky duckies in the bath tub and gave them a soft squeeze to make some funny noises. 

I feel so sleepy after a nice bath... I hope I can bath more often at my house rather than in the river... I am going to try out my rubber duckie ride that came with the tub soon.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.