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Hunting with Wireframe

Have you ever got a hint that is send you so clueless or find a place so big and messy that you feel like pulling your hair out during a Treasure Hunt? Well, you can try asking around for hints and sometimes you will be lucky, but not all the time. Then its is up to technology to help you solve this. This is what I am going to talk about here.

Before you read on, I would really really think you should verify with someone that the treasure you seek indeed exist and someone else actually managed to obtain it successfully because more often than not, the treasure could be faulty. But if all other methods had been explored then this is what you do.

Firstly, you need to enable the Developer menu. At least for Firestorm, it is required. Look at the top of your viewer, it should be there if it is enabled.

If it is not, then go into your Preference and look for the Advance tab on the left. Ensure that the "Enable Developer Menu" is checked on the right. Click [Apply] button below and you should be back into 2L.

Now. Simply press [CTRL][SHIFT]R and you should see its all matchsticks. Now, this is confusing and crazy. "How is this suppose to help in a Treasure Hunt?" You may asked.

Well, let imagine a very simple example here where the treasure if actually hidden behind a painting on a wall. Can you imagine now that you have the power of super-vision and could see through walls now? Well its up to you explore how this can help, maybe I will post some imagines of exact treasure hunts, but that would give away the answer and not everyone like to have their surprises ruined by this.

Happy Hunting!

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