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Farewell My Master

Kismeta lies silently in deep sleep inside the Pentagon on the floor, drew with my own blood. The rite of resurrection. My master had told me that each rites will drain enough life force from me to last me for 10 years. Well, some necromancers did not survive performing a resurrection ritual. I guess I have to count myself lucky. I spilled out another mouthful of blood and wipe away the rest flowing out of my nose, carefully not to spill it onto Kismeta's white Kimono.

I recalled it was only moments ago when she was still an undead, forever locked in her undying body. As she lay down, I carefully brush her long pearly hair behind her back as she look coldly into my eyes.

"Are you sure about it, master?" She looked coldly, yet, her words of care. I could feel it deep within my heart. "I can no longer protect you from mortal wound without a undying body..."

I place my finger onto her dark red lips. "Sshh... It's ok. This is what we had all been working for... Trust me." I looked away knowing that I had to hide the truth about the cost of the ritual. At the same time, it was guilt that I hold in my heart towards Kismeta because it was these very own hands that slay her back
in her little fishing village years ago...

Kismeta was born the daughter of a simple fisherman in a simple fishing village, although her feature does not indicates so as she has many that closely resembles those of the high nobles of Europa. Unlikely the commoners who are tall and strong, Kismeta is short and fragile, until she was possessed by the arch daemon known as The SoulDrinker. Her first victim was unfortunately the man dearest to her heart, Richard and her families and other villagers follows as she brutally massacre the whole fishing villagers leaving a bloody trail of carnage behind. Running out of choice, I had to take her down with my cursed blade...

Kismeta laid silently as she closes her eyes while I chants the forbidden spell from the Book of Darkness. If all goes well, she will reawaken once more as a mortal, with life as well as feelings. I begin to feel the life force slowly drain from me as my voices weakens and my body slowly giving way as I feel my strength slowly slips away.

Unknown to Kismeta, I may very well be dying, she starts to mumble softly..."In case I don't make it, Farewell, my master..."

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.