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Completed the Steam 7 Hunt

As I was away dressed up as a Steampunk for the previous few night, I was doing my round at the Steam 7 anniversary Hunt with my friends, Kaara and Rinka. While the hunt is long and this year, in fact they have 143 locations and many location with their own mini-hunt games.

More information and pictures of some of the prizes:

The Steampunk outfit from the Bare Rose hunt (which is over now) was the perfect outfit for this hunt.

The list for the Steam 7 Hunts goes here and you can use it as a quick reference to TP from one to another quickly without opening your prizes:

However, just for information, I did not complete #55 and #133 because those were not ready at this point of writing.

Any help or hint needed? Just put it into the comments and I will reply it as best as I can.

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