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1000 Days in Second Life

It did not really come to my notice if someone did not pointed out to me. I am actually 1000 days old today. But seriously how much happy 1000 days old greetings do you think I will get today? Let's find out.

In my heart, I do have a list of people whom I really hoped had noticed it. I didn't made that list, but its there without my control. But the most important person was the one whom had noticed this and informed me of my 1000th day. I am very happy actually, but I did not show it. Beside than her, who else would notice it? I am seriously doubtful.

Let's look back at the 3 years I had been here. I did not know why or how, but I was registered and created on Silent Night after 12am and quite naturally I ended up being a Xmas avatar. I remember when I first came to The Village, some of the people actually noticed it and crack a smile on it. Due to many reasons, I wasn't on SL a lot since. Well maybe because I had a really happening RL then. Occasionally coming to some sims for fun and exploring only. I do not have anyone really close or in regular contact then.

It wasn't until late 2011 that I started to come to The Village very much and almost hang out there all the time. I met many people. Some come and go, others stayed. But one of the event left a deep impact on me. I got a notecard from a girl from Taiwan I knew and got really close to. It was sent on her behalf by Linden and on it was a virtual memorial service held for her. It was the first time I attended a funeral in SL...

Other people came and go into my life in the past years, but I do hope the people I am with now stays with me. I have not had that sense of belonging for a long long time, like a wandering spirits looking for a place to haunt. After my short break away from SL, I just wondered if anything had changed since I came back...
It is in fact even a miracle that I had not quited or gone away for good in the past 3 years. I know many had and surviving for a 1000 days period is somewhat already a miracle in itself. But it had also wear my out. At some point of time, I did considered giving up and in fact I still am. But for all that's worth, I am still here today.

Anyway, Happy 1000th day to myself. :) Let's just hope this is not the beginning of the end.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.