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The Lonely Rose

The single lonely rose outside my cottage finally managed to grow into full bloom after a few days of taking care of it, watering and weeding it... And most of it talking to it. This is the Red Gardenia Rose I manage to get FREE from the marketplace during a promotion. I had given another pot of white to someone close. The plant took me about 3 days of caring, logging in and coming back to see it daily. I do also get emails when it needed watering etc. I would suggest not growing this when you will be away from 2L for a while. I had been terribly busy with my romance, but nevertheless I needed to come back to it. I can't see it dying. 

However, I also found out something. It seems this plant is not only MESH, but it takes a full 58 prims for full growth. I think this is also the reason why Lola is screaming about the prims. I guess after I crop it, I will dig it out so that the prim can be given back to the SIM.

I took this picture before I cut it out. Used to have someone who deserved this. Now, I dunno. Maybe I will just feed it to Tiamet, after I remove the thorns. At least she will appreciate some good home grown organic food.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.