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The Huntress and the TerraHawk

I returned to Gotham City as Helena Wayne and although a brief stay, she figures if she is going to start kicking some bad ass, she is going to need some help from her old pals, Robin and Batgirl. While Batman and Cat Woman is going, a lot of responsibility falls onto her shoulders as Batman's only daughter. She did not want to see what her father fought for goes into waste and ruin. 

Alferd shown me something which he was originally working for Batgirl. It was an improved version of the Ricochet and now designed with heavy combat prowess to Helena's liking (Yes, like dad like daughter, except I am WORSE LOL). With some minor tweak to the weaponary and stealth mode capabilities, this awesome motorbike will enable The Huntress to zoom into combat zone quickly and out delivering its destructive firepower upon her enemies. 

This is the TerraHawk combat motorbike which I will be using soon enough when crime shall strikes again in Gotham City. The evildoers will know the fear of The Huntress.

Designated TH-12, the TerraHawk is design for me to enhance my combat abilities in crowded encounters as well as the need to evade the incompetent authority which serve no particular purpose other than aiding the bad guys and rich guys (may or may not be exclusive, even though I come from a rich family). 

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.