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TerraBellus - My Home

Elotte was a pirate who came to TerraBellus and settled down for a while with his companion after they left their far away lands from the East. However, on one fateful voyage, their ship where struck by the angry sea and his companion was seperated from him. Ever since, he had been hunting the seas, looking for his way to his companion as well as his way back to his home, which had somehow mysteriously disappeared...

The following was a short log from her captain journal...

Aeternum Solus (elotte.bridger) looks beyond the great sea of emptiness as he feel the infinite winds blows hard against her long red hair

Aeternum Solus (elotte.bridger): "Where is my home now?" She asked herself as the great pirate ship sails against the merciless tides... on a trip to nowhere

Aeternum Solus (elotte.bridger): Is it like a curse to her, to commandeer the "Dark Siren" in an relentless quest to find the lost island of TerraBellus... The fabled lands and supposedly her home as it was foretold

Aeternum Solus (elotte.bridger) turns to her shoulder as her wistful parrot speaks in a poorly structured language. "We find it. Master Home"

Aeternum Solus (elotte.bridger) smiles wondering if the parrot truly understand what she is talking about or was it a pathetic attempt to comfort her on her endless voyage for the non-existence lands...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.