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Sending IM Off World With Email

I have the problem of not being able to access Secondlife from my office because it was blocked and as such, nothing of the messenger actually works due to the required ports are blocked by firewall. However, I had found a rather undocumented way to get still receive and send IM even without logging in world to Secondlife.

This is what you need. You will need a email and a email client or a web browser if your email supports webmail.

Step 1. Logging into your Secondlife account with your browser and selecting "Contact Information" on the left.

Step 2.  Set up your email in Secondlife and enable " I would like to receive offline IMs via Email". Make sure you have your email here. 

Step 3. Ask you friend to send you a IM when you are offline. Check your email using you browser (Hotmail, Gmail etc All of theses has Web access) or using Outlook as per normal how you receive email. For example in Gmail, you will see an email like this.

Note the long string @ This string is unique to the user and it is a type of session ID. When the user log in at different time, it may change.

Step 4. Simply reply to this email. Please remove any auto quote so that the IM doesn't become too huge for your poor friend. When your friend reply, another similar email will come again as in Step 3. Continue as necessary.

Well, isn't that simple? I am sure this information is publish somewhere, but I just did not find it online. Maybe some kind soul can past me the link. Meanwhile, enjoy IMing you friends using your email!

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