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Rise of The Huntress

After a brief visit to my parents graves, I notice a bright yellow light in the sky. It was something I remembered dad told me about and I had not seen it in ages. The familiar symbol of the Bat in the circle of the projected floodlight. I know this means the city still needs Batman, although nobody knows where is he now. I am sure Robin and the rest of the network are already on their way. I look at the bright blazing lights as if its a calling to my soul. Somewhere inside me, I know tonight will be the night. The Night of The Huntress.

I put on my best bow. The same one uncle Alferd had given me when I started my training with my mom. I jump up to the moonlight and I know my combat motorbike is right below waiting for me as I land. Tonight, the good guys is going to have a new ally. I turns hard on the throttle as the TerraHawk screams hard against the silent of the night. I saw the Batwing zooms past into the far direction of where the old circus was... It was somewhere I had avoided because I have a unnatural fear for clowns. But tonight, I am no longer Helena Wayne. I am The Huntress. I speed pass the streetlights as TerraHawk kicks into Turbo Mode towards the old circus...

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.