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My Homeland SASS

My friends had been very kind not only in being there when I needed support, in fact, recently, they had even invited me to stay with them With my Linden Home empty now, I hate to return to it for anything other than changing outfits and rezzing items. I love the nice lag free space they had created and it is simply beautiful. I have here a prove of it. This was taken on the second day I was given a place to start and the sunset was simply too good to miss. I took with my camera a nice view of it along the nice water front, reflecting the golden rays of the sun on its light waves by the wind.

I decided I want a better view of it and I took some effort to climb onto the pillar along the stone build and took this photo with me in the foreground. The ruins and the ponds can be clearly seen along the nice horizon  where the golden rays meets the endless seas. My only regret was I did not have a better camera then (high graphics settings).

Thanks to all my sisters from SASS for giving me a place I could call home and furbished it with their love and warmth. I love you all.

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.