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Reviver Sailor Tattoo

There is set of Tattoo from Reviver named Sailor because it has all the stars and moon on it as if there are there to guide these brave souls in the sea. However, there is no rule to say these tattoo cannot be cute as well!

Here is Kitty with the Sailor Tattoo just with a click on the HUD for Maitreya. The tattoo is also available for Slink, Omega and Belleza. Notice all the cure crescent, heart and stars. This is almost like a celestial art for an Astrologist.  

The art on the back is no less stunning then the front as it contains a scale of hearts en-capsuled by mysterious rings of circle with magical symbols. And did you notice Kitty is by the water? These tattoo are waterproof even after putting on immediately!

Here is another close up shot of the tattoo on which you will notice the many stars on the shoulder and arm as well. This give a new meaning to the words "stars and stripes on the shoulder". Well, you can enjoy the tattoo or get them yourself over at the Dazzle event!

Get your guides even if you are not wandering in the seas from the Charme booth at Dazzle:

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