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Petit Chat Manosque Table & Chairs

Petit Chat is having matching table and chairs to the Manosque series. Remember last month Kitty just shown you the cupboard and various stoneware crockery:

The tables and chairs are very colorful just like the other items in this series. There are 2 type of chairs, one with cushion and one without. You can change both the color of the chair using the build in script as well as the cushion separately. There is no right or wrong in the colors, it is more just a matter of how much you love it. Look at the random colors Kitty tried! Isn't it beautiful?

Here is the close up of the chair with cushion and you can see there is a beautiful flower sewed into the fabric to give it the extra touch. The best thing is you do not need to change the cushion manually! All you need to get a new clean cushion is just clicking on the cushion to change to a new color. There are enough colors for a whole week!

The Manosque Table and Chairs are now available at the Chapter Four event:

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