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Moonstar The Travelling Goth

The Traveling Goth from Moonstar is available at the Dazzle May event and this is the perfect outfit to bring out the inner Goth in your with the dark black and purple outfit that comes with a cute backback, a veil hat as well as a matching dark parasol.

Here is the full outfit except the Parasol. You can clear see the overall dark feeling of from head to toe with lacy black clothes to still keep the dark feminine side attractive yet mysterious. There is actually a matching hair which look like the poster, but Kitty had decided to use her new wild hair instead because he hair is optional. 

The Parasol is a whole piece of art actually rather than just an umbrella, but still it does give you good protection from the shine and rain. Be amazed with the lacy sides and the highly detail parasol. But if like hair, this is optional, but definitely delighted to have as it comes with the outfit.

Remember Kitty mentioned about a cute backpack? Well here is the little backpack where you can keep all your mischief in and it comes with little bats wings as well to add to the Gothic feel. The backpack is shaped in a cute little heart, but darked obviously. Just the backpack is already worth the price of the outfit on its own.

Traveling by night? The Traveling Goth is the perfect outfit and it is an exclusive for the Dazzle event now:

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