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Moonstar Ava Dress

Moonstar has a Ava Dress which is just suitable for the chilling weather of Spring which include a wrap for the great outdoor or without it for a warm indoor.

The Ava Girl comes in 3 colors and the red is perhaps one of the most stunning with its checkered texture. While without the wraps, it can be a comfortable time just letting your hair down a bit in the warm indoor. The dress serve as a good wear for dinner or gathering.

The Ava Girl include a pair of sunglasses and a gorgeous black hat which is great for the sunny days. But Kitty is just feeling a bit lazy today though. You can still marvel at the Blue version of the Ava Girl for those days when you just want to be alone, relaxing on your carpet without a care, even in your shades and hat!

In the chilling wind of the dawn, you can always put on the wrap and because it is the same black color as the Black version of Ava Girl its goes perfectly. If there are Crow Ladies in the north wall, Kitty would definitely recommend the wrapped Black version of Ava Girl to them!

Get the warm Ava Girl now at the Moonstar booth at the May Dazzle event:

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