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LR Bone Sword

Tired of all the metal and steel on your weapons? Even if they are special metal for killing undead? Well why not make a sword of out the undead instead? This is the Bone Sword from LR Weapons and it comes with a shield as well which is also made from 100% organic bones. This is the perfect weapon for an undead, or an undead killer as well.

When sheath, the sword can either be hang over your back or by your side if you prefer to be able to reach it quickly. The shield almost looks like a pair of wings, covering your back but it is definitely awesome looking especially with all the bone parts.

There are many customizable parts with choices of textures on the sword as well as the shield. When drawn they looks strong and is definitely as sharp if not sharper than steel. Just like ceramic blades, the Bone Sword does not require sharping. Well if anyone is going to come disturb the peace in this town, they will have to go through Kitty with her Bone Sword first!

Do not think that the sword and shield is just good for common foes such as undead. It is full sword damage and the shield is good enough even to face a dragon. What do you say we take this beast down now together? Oh wait, you better head over to the We Love Roleplay event to get the LR Bone Sword first:

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