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Petit Chat Manosque Cupboard & Stoneware Crockery

Petit Chat has a new set of furniture for April and it is a wonder cupboard and a set of matching stoneware crockery which you can mix and match onto the cupboard.

Kitty will have no idea how to organize all these cups and plates without the help of this wonder cupboard. The cupboard also comes in 4 main colors and 4 mixed colors.

Lets take a look at the cupboard bottom. From the bottom, you find 4 drawers and 2 side compartments with matching knobs. There are beautiful roses paint crafted onto the side door as well.

There are many options of crockery for this cupboard from plates, cup, tumbler to salt and pepper containers. Mix and match in anyway you like. There is also a tray too for putting some of the more commonly used items so that you are ready once you have guests! You will also notice there is a small compartment with door on the surface as well. Kitty would use it to hide any unsightly items. Would you?

Here you can see the tumbler flask and various containers for spices and ingredients. You will also notice that most of these items comes in 4 different colors : Candy, Mint, Teal and Yellow. For some items such as cups and plates there are variation of a single piece of a group of them, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Now you have no excuse not to organize you kitchen! Get the Manosque set from Petit Chat over the Chapter Four event:

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