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Mani Pedi Shi Gatsu

Mani Pedi has a nice nail paint and its named Shi Gatsu, literally April. This comes with 5 colors option though.

The wine red version is catchy as it is. But what makes this paint different is that there is 2 segment, the nail tips part being more shiny naturally and you can see that clearly in this photo. 

Because this version Kitty got is designed for Maitreya. there is no need for wearing any other item other than the HUD which is only required when you are changing colors. How about this cool blue? It is even cooler than the winter snow on this sim due to the refreshing blue chill it radiates.

You will not believe that the pain is only sold at $60L and that is only $12L per color at the Mani Pedi store at Dazzle:

P.S. And this is an exclusive for this event!

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