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LR Panabas Sword

LR Weapon has a new sword for the We Love Roleplay event and it is a really dangerous looking pair of double sword which comes with 2 sheath options name Panabas.

The good thing about this sword is that the shape is really different from normal sword making it difficult for your enemy to avoid the cutting edge. In fact, Kitty believe this looks like a Aztec weapon! Even if the blade did not cut you, the shape points is bound to get your eyes one way or another.

The Panabas HUD is friendly to use and there are quite some option for you to customize the look and texture. In fact the original size is really huge, but with a simple slide, for Kitty she reduce it something she could manage.

The first option to sheath the weapon allow you to sling it together with the belt which comes together . This goes perfectly with whatever Kitty is wearing now.

If you prefer not to have the belt, there is a simple ring harness only. Either way, you need to be careful where you swing this dangerous weapon!

Get this Panabas Sword now at a discount price of $450L instead of $600L at the We Love Roleplay event:

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