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Bare Rose Usalopet

Spring is here and there is no better way to celebrate it then to be in a super cute bunny suit! Bare Rose Usalopet is exactly the bunny suit you want to be in because it is not just black or white, it has the whole rainbow on it!

Having fun in the garden like a rabbit? Always watch out for the cute flowers though! The Usalopet is so colorful that even Kitty stands out in the sea of flowers. Don't you just love the rainbow tall socks and the super kawaii pink ribbon on the back of the outfit. 

There is always time to relax and enjoy the slow swing of the chair while dressed up like a lazy bunny. Even bunny need to rest right? But if you are trying to surprise Kitty, beware of her big bunny ears as it can listen to even a hair drop nearby. And the ears comes free with the Usalopet!

And here is a close up of all the cuteness on the Usalopet. Did you noticed that all the buttons looks like M&Ms? Maybe they are really made of chocolate? But keep your hands to yourself or get the Usalopet and find out for yourself!

Release the bunny in yourself today with the Usalopet at Bare Rose:

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Elotte Bridger was borned in 2L on Christmas Day in 25th December 2009.