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StoraxTree Patio Furnitures

StoraxTree has 6 new furnitures with the Patio theme and 3 of them are very essentials pieces such as the chair, sofa and the coffee table. Kitty believe every home should have a set, if possible. So why not it be the Patio set?

This is one way you can put all of them together, including the 3 side tables and plants pieces which Kitty will show you later. The first thing you will notice is that the main coffee table has the distinctive "Palm" written on it, so you won't miss the palm theme, especially found on the seat texture as well as the table itself.

From over head, you get the full view of the beautiful tropical texture. This almost makes you feel like you are in a safari house.

The other 3 pieces consists of side tables with the option of having either a green candle or a potted plant beneath it. There is also a unique piece of palm tree with lighting on it.

The side table also have similar texture for its top to go together with the rest of the Patio series. The palm tree will definitely add a wild touch to this furniture set.

If plant is not you fancy, there is always herbal candle in a totally fire safe cage to add to this set. Kitty also notice a secret, the candle is magically and never exhaust itself, meaning you will never need to spend another cent of candles!

The Patio set available at the Dazzle event, at which StoraxTree is also a sponsor of. And this set is also exclusive to this event:

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