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LR Traveler Mace

LR has a rather unique weapon for the We Love Roleplay event this month. Yes, it is not one of those sharp weapons with blades and cutting edge. In fact, it is the Traveler Mace. It comes in a pair complete with a HUD for adjustment.

As you can see the HUD allow you to make adjustment for size and color of various parts of the mace. The belt can be on or off for this special mace too!

When sheathed, the pair of mace sit comfortable by you side almost harmlessly. But if you happen to be an undead, this is going to be a very bad day for you!

The Traveler Mace looks light, but trust Kitty that it hits really hard and you will suffer more than just a few bruises. There are rows of spikes on the hitting end of the mace to make sure it does some extra damage when required.

The Traveler Mace is on promotion at $450L instead of $600L now at the We Love Roleplay event until end of the month:

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