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AvaGirl Karlie

The Karlie from AvaGirl is a sexy set of sweater and shorts for all your comfortable moments! 

Whether seated, standing or even lying down, the Karlie is the most casual and warm outfit to be in this coming winter and there is no dull moments with the HUD allowing you to change the color of the sweater! 
The sweater can be in one of the 6 colors above and Kitty has already shown you Red! Let's check out the rest!

They say black is always seductive. Can it be true? Hei there, wanna help me get a drink?

The blue Karlie is the perfect outfit for some tan and wind on the yacht. You may not believe it, but there is only 1 item to put on for the Karlie and a applier for the shorts! Now, that is light weight!

You can find the Karlie and other outfit over at The Event:

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